Artist, Authors & Friends,

Regrettably I have to inform everyone that we have decided to canceled this year’s Clarksville Fine Arts Festival that had been scheduled for Saturday, June 1, 2013. As of two weeks ago only 15 artists had signed up and I have had 3 of those cancel, one due to personal reasons and 2 that had just completed a show and did not fell they would be ready for another on in two weeks. This left only 12 signed up and we have never had less than 35 signed up when we held the show in the past. We also had our largest food vendor cancel on us last week. We have 44 booths for artist and 8 for food vendors and we just do not feel like it would be worth your time to come and do a show that is one-fourth of the size that it should be. Doing so would not only hurt our chance of drawing a crowd to attend this show, which would not be fair to any of you, but also ruin any chance of getting other artist or the public to come back for future shows.

In talking to other artist I understand that ours is not the only art festival that has had to be canceled this year due to a lack of participation. I would like to ask for any ideas you might have to create a more successful show in the future. One thing that has been suggested is that we do an arts and antiques show. Clarksville has had 5 antique stores open on our square during the last two years. Those that were open had a very good day during last year’s show and they are all interested in this idea of having booths out with the artist. What are your thoughts on doing a combined festival like this? Please give me any ideas you have.

Lastly, I do want to encourage each of you to participate in our Red River County Historical Societies Fall Bazaar held on the first Saturday in October around the County Courthouse two block North of the Square in Clarksville. They have an arts and crafts festival on the streets around the courthouse with non-electric booths starting at $25 each. The Fall Bazaar has been held for over 30 years and typically draws two to three times more people than does our Spring Festival due to the fact that many former residents plan class and family reunions around this event.

Again, I apologize to everyone who had planned to be here on June 1ST, and I hope you will consider joining us this fall and when we try again next year. Thank you all who did sign up and for everyone understanding.


Please watch this space for information coming soon on how to make next year’s festival bigger and better than ever!

The Clarksville Fine Arts Festival

Art on the historic Clarksville Square

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